Sunday, January 17, 2010

Al-Ghazali, Nazem

Iraqi popular song singer and songwriter.

Al-Qubanchi, Mohammad

(1900-1989), Muslim singer and music teacher.

Alva, Felipe Pinglo

Known as the father of Peruvian Musica criolla, was an influential and profilic poet and songwriter.

Avsenik Brothers

Slavko and vilko Avsenko-Slovenian composer and musicians. The Ensemble , known as "Ansambel Bratov Avsenko", was most popular band during 1950's thru 1980's.

Ayllon etc

Peruvian singers:
Eva Ayllon-composer and singer;
Gian Alcover-singer/songwriter;
de la Colina-singer;
Juan Diego Flores-operatic tenor

Azerbaev, Kenen

Kazakhstanian musician

Barrios, Agustin

An eminent Paraguayan guitarist and composer.