Sunday, January 17, 2010

Al-Ghazali, Nazem

Iraqi popular song singer and songwriter.

Al-Qubanchi, Mohammad

(1900-1989), Muslim singer and music teacher.

Alva, Felipe Pinglo

Known as the father of Peruvian Musica criolla, was an influential and profilic poet and songwriter.

Avsenik Brothers

Slavko and vilko Avsenko-Slovenian composer and musicians. The Ensemble , known as "Ansambel Bratov Avsenko", was most popular band during 1950's thru 1980's.

Ayllon etc

Peruvian singers:
Eva Ayllon-composer and singer;
Gian Alcover-singer/songwriter;
de la Colina-singer;
Juan Diego Flores-operatic tenor

Azerbaev, Kenen

Kazakhstanian musician

Barrios, Agustin

An eminent Paraguayan guitarist and composer.

Barroso, Ary

Brazilian composer, pianist, soccer commentator, Brazil's most successful songwriter in the first half of the 20th century.

Bashir, Munir

(1930-1997), a leading musician of Middle East, a supreme master of the Arab maqamat scale system.

Belgian Singers

Big Band Leaders-US

Count Basie;
Tommy & Jimmy Dorsey;
Glenn Miller;
Benny Goodman

Brel, Jacques

Jacques Roman Geogres Brel(1929-1978), Belgian singer-songwriter, a leading popular music composer.

Cortes, Clara Solovera

Chilean composer of popular folk songs, and musicologist.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Caba, Eduardo

Bolivian composer of folklore of his country and tonal music.

Campos, Juan Morel

Puerto Rico composer of dance music.

Canaro, Francisco

Argentine violinist playing in a tango trio, also composer of musicals.

Cano, Carlos

Spanish songwriter - he wrote various form of music: cueca, tangos, rumbas, sambas, lullabies, ballads etc.

Caymmi, Dorival

Brazilian popular music songwriter.

Celestino, Vicente

Brazilian singer.

Chinese Traditional Opera Singers

Cohan, George M.

American singer, songwriter, lyricist, entertaniner.
he is considered the father of American musical comedy.

Colombian folk songs, music and dances

Music pieces composed
by Jorge Villamil,
Petronio Alvarez Quintero etc.

Dauletkerey, Shigaev

Kazakhstan composer and player of traditional instrumental music.

Dion, Celine

Canadian singer, songwriter, actress.

Dominican singers

Antonio Mesa;
Julieta Otero;
Susano Polanco;
Rafael Colon;
Casandra Damiron

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ellington, Duke

Edward Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, American composer, pianist, and bandleader, one of the most influential figures in jazz.

Eurovision Singers(Finland)

Falco(Hans Holzel)

Austrian rap, pop, and rock musician.

Fendrich, Reinhard

Austrian singer, songwriter, and entertainer.
His music, written in Viennese German, is very popular in Austria.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ferre, Leo

French singer

Finnish Entertainers

1. Hamony Sisters;
2. Olavi Virta-singer;
3. Georg Halmsten-composer;
4. Topi Karki-composer, Helismaa-lyricist;
5. Tapio Raulavaara-singer;
6. Esa Parkatinan-musician,actor

Fitzgerald, Ella

(1917-1996), Known as "Lady Ella" and the "First Lady of Song", one of the most influental jazz vocalists.

Folksong Singers-Russia

1. Leonid Utesov;
2. Mark Bernes;
3. Claudia Shuicenko;
4. Lidia Rusianova;
5. Bulat Okudzhava;
6. Vladmir Vistosky;
7. Viktor Tsui;
8. Igor Talkov

Folksong Singers-US

Freire, Osman Perez

Chilean singer

Gardel, Carlos

(1887-1935), the most prominent figure in the history of Tango, commonly referred to as "Carlos", "The King of Tango".

Handy, William Christopher

(1873-1958), a blue composer and musician, often known as the "Father of the Blues".
Handy remains the most influential of American songwriters.

Hilario, Augusto

(1864-1896), Portugalese singer.

Icelandic Performers

Imamovic, Zaim

Bosnian popular sevdalinka performer, popular song singer.

Irish Performers

Irish Pop Music Performers

Israel Singers

1. Zohar Argov-The Flower in My Garden;
2. Sasha Argov-Lonely Street Light;
3. Meir Ariel-Goldberg Field;
4. Yossi Banai-Me Simon and Little Moiz;
5. Shoshana Damari-Anemones;
6, Moshe Wilensky-Lighthouse;
7. Ofra Hazza-Aprayer;
8. Uzi Hitman-Lord of the Universe;
9. Arik Lavie-The Train Engine Song;
10. Ehud Manor-I have No Other Land;
11. Yair Rosenblum-Song of Peace;
12. Naomi Shemer-Jerusalem Gold.

Jara, Victor Lidio Jara Martinez

Chilean singer-songwriter.

Jaramillo, Julio

Ecaudorian singer, composer and performer, great "Pasillo" performer of Ecaudorian music history.

Jazz Musicians-US

Jazz Musicians-Belgium

Jazz Musicians-France

Michael Petrucciari(1962-99),
Sidney Bechet(1897-1959),
Louis Armstrong(1901-71),
Duke Ellington(1899-1974),
Ella Fitzgerald(1918-96),
Stephane Grappelli(1908-97)

Jazz Musicians

Jobim, Antonio Carlos

Brazilian singer